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James Montgomery Flagg

James Montgomery Flagg was born in Pelham Manor, New York on June 18, 1877 and after and illustruous carreer as artist and illustrator, famous for his propaganda posters, dies on May 27, 1960 in New York.

His most famous poster was created in 1917 to encourage recruitment in the United States Army during World War I. It showed Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer (inspired by a British recruitment poster showing Lord Kitchener in a similar pose) with the caption "I Want YOU for U.S. Army". Over four million copies of the poster were printed during World War I, and it was revived for World War II. Flagg used his own face for that of Uncle Sam (adding age and the white goatee), he said later, simply to avoid the trouble of arranging for a model.

James Montgomery Flagg
James Montgomery Flagg, 28 Sep, 1918 by Genthe Arnold .

I Want you! Propaganda poster by Flagg .................................................... Wake up, America by James M. Flagg

I Want You, Uncle Sam Propaganda Poster. Famous Flagg's .Posters. Wake up, America!
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Originally published as the cover for the July 6, 1916, issue of Leslie's Weekly with the title "What Are You Doing for Preparedness?" this portrait of "Uncle Sam" went on to become--according to its creator, James Montgomery Flagg--"the most famous poster in the world." Over four million copies were printed between 1917 and 1918, as the United States entered World War I and began sending troops and matériel into war zones.

Flagg (1877-1960) contributed forty-six works to support the war effort. He was a member of the first Civilian Preparedness Committee organized in New York in 1917 and chaired by Grosvenor Clarkson. He also served as a member of Charles Dana Gibson's Committee of Pictorial Publicity, which was organized under the federal government's Committee on Public Information, headed by George Creel.


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