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Direct Mail Mailing Services

Direct Mail Marketing Solutions by LookinGlass Media Graphics & Document Services offers you a unique "one-stop" solution for all your mailing and shipping needs. Our Direct Mail Marketing Service handles all of your business document needs efficiently, quickly and safely.

Mailing Services:

Our on-site facility includes the latest in mail processing hardware and software. High speed folder/inserters, tabbers, ink-jet addressing systems and postage meters guarantee that your mailing will make it to the Post Office on time. With our expert production staff at the helm, you can rest assured that your mailing will be prepared accurately and double-checked for quality before we take it to the Post Office.

Mailing List Acquisition:
Through its network of industry leading list brokers, LookinGlass Graphics & Document Services will find your company the best possible list. Whether you are looking for a list of targeted individuals who match an ideal profile based on lifestyles, age, income and more, or simply want a list of companies that match certain sales, geographic or industry defined criteria, we can ensure you the cleanest, most accurate list. The right list will make the difference between an acceptable response rate and a great response rate!

Graphic Design & Copy Writing:
If you need help putting your thoughts and images onto paper, our professional staff can produce a mail piece that will knock your socks off! We will write the copy and place the images that accurately conveys your message and helps to increase your response rate.

Database Management:
Do you have three or four lists lying around and you can't make heads or tails of them? Are you afraid your lists are stale and outdated? Our Database Management Team can take your lists and construct a finely-tuned marketing tool that can be "sliced and diced" for any project you have. We can merge, purge, de-dupe, update, append, cleanse and even run your list through the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA).

Laser Letter and One-to-One Marketing:
Personalization of a mail piece is one of the keys to a higher response rate. With our high speed laser printers and full library of custom fonts, we can personalize your letters and envelopes to give them the clean and professional3yy386dr appearance you demand. We can also scan your signature and insert it in your letters for that added touch.

Fast, Reliable Estimates:
Do you need to work within a specific budget on your next mailing project? Call and talk to our friendly staff to receive an estimate detailing each custom service included in your project. We will fax, email or call you with pricing within your time frame, not ours.

Lowest Possible Postage Rates:
We guarantee that every mailing that leaves our facility will get the lowest possible postage rate when it arrives at the Post Office. Our software is certified by the U.S. Postal Service and we know every trick in the book to get you the lowest rate available. We know how to take advantage of barcoding, sorting, BMC, SCG and DDU discounts and we pass those savings directly to you. You will never have to worry about sorting, bagging, traying or filling out Postal Reports again; we handle it all!

Saves Money:
  • Mail processed at the lowest possible postage rate
  • Use of our bulk mail permits for the mailing
  • The mailing list is run through the USPS National Database eliminating pieces that are "Undeliverable As Addressed" (UAA)
  • No money spent on mailing software or hardware
Speeds mail delivery:
  • Post Office processes barcoded mail quicker than non-barcoded mail
  • Sorts the mail in proper order
  • Eliminates the hassles of handling mailing in-house

Relieves Workload:

  • No need to keep abreast of the latest Postal Regulations
  • One point of contact for Design, Print and Mailing Services
  • Moves the burden of making "staff" available to address, sort, affix labels and dispatch the mail
  • We deliver to the Post Office
  • No more waiting in long lines
  • Paperwork prepared properly
  • No more dealing with postal personnel challenge
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