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Izabela Wojcik - Renaissance Woman & Artist

Izabela Wojcik, a Polish-American artist, is one of the latest of her breed; a renaissance woman of both formal and self-taught artwork. Izabela specializes and is accomplished in various mediums including bronze, oils, clay, resin, acrylics and wood. Izabela was born in Stargard, Poland and lived in Greece for two years, savoring the art and culture, before moving to the United States, where she now resides.

Izabela’s father, among other things, was a fantastic photo-realism artist and a musician. She was raised to be a strong and independent woman and to appreciate creativity over compliance. Some people become artists, Izabela was born an artist. “I clearly remember my mother explaining how to create the illusion of a foot inside a shoe rather then just an “L” connected to the rest of the body. I was four and managed to produce a spectacular copy of my mother’s simple little drawing of a girl holding a kite.”

Izabela Wojcik
Birth of Venus Bronze Door Pull by Izabela Wojcik

Ms. Izabela Wojcik's website could be found here:

Izabela is not "only" an artist, her day job is to create fine metal work with the Potter Art Metal Studios, Inc. of Dallas. Yes, one of Dallas's best, is one of a kind Izabela Wojcik.

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