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Heather Gorham and her Army of Bizarre Figures

As a kid Heather Gorham was thorn in between choices of becoming a horse or an artist. We'd say she made a right choice. Honestly, how one could not fall in love with an artist who says: "I’ve always made things. As a kid I would spend hours digging in the ground making an army of bizarre, little clay and stick figures. Three-legged dogs and winged monkeys, my creations were always a little sad, a little misshapen.

My own troop of misfits set in the sun to dry. They were my inner workings made outward. I approach making art now much in the same way, trying to make sense of the world by making the intangible real. A compulsion to make thoughts, emotions, stories, the absurd and the melancholy into something absolute."

Her art is emotionaly based, something that's easily seen in her work.

Two Monkeys by Heather Gorham
Two Monkeys (2005) acrylic on wood by Heather Gorham

Heather Gorham website could be found here:

Watch video dedicated to Heather Gorham's art - "making the intangible real" - embedded from YouTube:

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