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Amazon Logo History | World's Famous Logo Creation

This is the Amazon's first gateway page. Note the logo of the company that has became "just" an on-line bookseller with a totally crazy idea, conceived by Jeff Bezos, to sell everything to everyone.

If you'd like to have more fun with Amazon's history, check this out:

This is the Amazon's site as it appeared on December 12, 1998. And If you would wish to check out the history of any site just go here: type in the URL you wish to travel to the past to and in a heartbeat, you're there.

But, let us go back to the Amazon's logo story:

Amazon logo 1998

Amazon logo on the left appeared in 1998 but did not have any real message. Yes, the circle might be seen as something that encircles the world / offers everything in a magic mandala, but did not hold water and was abandoned and replaced with this next logo, on the right side above.

One can almost hear how Jeff Bezos's brain has CLICKED!! (or his logo designer) at that moment. We sell everything from "A" to "Z" and that message was there, in the very name of "Amazon" but somehow hidden. The next step from the generic yellow line to the arrow from "A" to "Z" was logical and voila!!, now we have one of the world's most recognizable logos:

Amazon Logo

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