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Jon Burgerman - Artist, Doodler, Salad Enthusiast

Jon Burgerman on Twitter @ is to be followed for his wit. I mean, how could you resist someone whose Bio read: artist / doodler / salad enthusiast.

Or how can you not to love a guy, an artist who says: "I had all the normal deficiencies but kept working anyway. For about three years I sat on a crappy wooden chair in my tiny bedroom, using my pillow from my bed as a cushion, working on an old PC with a dial up internet connection shared between three people.

I had no cash or fancy resources. You don’t need it (to do the kind of things I do). Just work hard! Enjoy working hard! Don’t get drunk every night, don’t complain, eat vegetables, enjoy! Work! Enjoy! Draw! Sleep! Listen! Read! Work!" (source where you can read more:

As far as artist Jon Burgerman is in question, start knowing him by checking out his website at

Over Stimulated
Over Stimulated by Jon Burgerman

A YouTube video below is a poster Jon Burgerman made using a Wacom Cintiq at the Humac store in Oslo in late January 2010. The music with video is by Yukihiro Takahashi, the song is called Curtains.

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